Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back of the Yard

I have always wanted to have a vegetable garden even though I don't have too much of a green thumb. I think it's the pride of growing your own food that appeals to me. Plus, I really like most vegetables!! So this year with the help of Mel Bartholomew's 'Square Foot Gardening' book, we planted our very own vegetable garden.


It's a really simple way of growing only what you need in a small space. So far it seems to be fairly low maintenence although I can see I am going to be obsessed with weeding the little squares. I had to let some of the little weeds grow because at first I couldn't tell what was a weed and what was a seed. But now things are coming along nicely so I am all over those weeds at the first sign of one popping up!!! Here are a few pictures of our layout....

This is the whole thing with the compost bin at the right. We just put all of our egg shells, coffee grounds, yard clippings and fruit/veggies rinds in it!!

The right section of the garden. The back squares have tomato plants in them which will grow up the wires strung on the fence. That will save lots of space and make for easier harvesting. Then there are two squares of yellow wax beans and two squares of green peppers. The peppers we grew from seed in the house. These are the only two plants that survived the transplant and they look like crap. But we'll see if they produce anything!!! Then in the next row we have four squares of green bush beans. And then a corner square of nasturtiums and marigolds which look cute and deter pests. Next to them there are two squares of lettuce for salads!

In the left section there are three squares of cucumbers which will also grow up the wires. I love cucumbers and may even try making homemade pickles if I get the notion! In front of that there is a red pepper plant (which I bought at the Walmart), and two squares of spinach for spinach salads. Then there is another square of green peppers and next to that two squares of carrots! In the front row we planted more lettuce (we like salad!) and a corner section of chives.

I also planted some herb seeds in some window boxes that hang directly under the kitchen window. I love fresh herbs for cooking!!

I planted mint (for mojitos YO!), basil, oregano, garlic chives, dill, lemon balm chamomile and cilantro.

So hopefully we'll be harvesting a lot of good stuff this year!!! It's been fun for the kids to help with the planting and watering. They get so excited when something sprouts. Maybe growing our own veggies will make them more excited to eat them? Not sure about that! My brother was here last week and helped me get the tomatoes and peppers in. He worked at a greenhouse in high school, so he knows a lot about all this gardening stuff!! I hope to add more to the garden next season, but wanted to start out simple at first so I wouldn't get overwhelmed and give up. I would love to maybe do some summer squashes and melons. And maybe some asparagras and rhubarb!!!

Just for kicks, here is a picture of some of my flowers that are blooming nicely along the back of the house. I painted the back door cobalt blue to match my bird bath and patio umbrella, but for some reason the paint didn't stick in some parts so now I have to figure out what to do! The brightness scared me (and the neighbors) at first, but I think it looks so nice now with the bright colors of the flowers. Hopefully I can fix it!!!

My original inspiration was from the 'Doors of Dublin.'
In Dublin (and much of Europe for that matter), they have mostly tan or grey stone houses and buildings so it's quite common to see a brightly painted entry door with white trim and archways. I thought I'd bring a little Dublin and a little color to my backyard and blah white door by painting it bright blue. Nevermind that it backfired and now I have to fix it. I still think the idea was good!!!

So that's what's going on in the back of the yard here!! I hope to post more pictures of the plants as they start producing yummy veggies AND some good recipes to go along with them. Until then, I'll be out back weeding!!! ;)

Monday, May 18, 2009

The 90s Were So Cool - Week 4

Seriously, the weeks are flying by!!! Here's another great 90s song called "Connection" by Elastica. 90s girl bands were too cool for words, especially this one. I remember the video for this being on Beavis and Butthead! Sadly, I can't post the actual music vid for this song due to copywright stuff but you can still check it out on youtube if you're that curious.

This song came out in 1994, which would explain the Winona Ryder style haircut that Justine Frischmann (the lead singer) is sporting! Don't you miss the 90s? ;)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Keane Concert

First and foremost, this has to be a HUGE shout out to my little brother Ben. Thank you thank you thank you one billion times for hooking your sister up! This was an amazing last minute thing to get to do and it's all because of you! You are the best!

So let me give you the back story: Keane. Aragon Ballroom. Opening acts are Mat Kearney and The Helio Sequence. Hello, amazing? Not only is Keane one of my favorite bands of ALL TIME (next only to U2) but the other acts are faves of mine as well. Usually the opening acts blow. So that's awesome thing number one. Awesome thing number two is that it's at the Aragon. Can you say old stomping grounds? We lived two red line stops from the Aragon when we lived in the city and saw some seriously amazing shows there back in the day. If you ever have the opportunity to see a show there, just do it. It's such a cool venue. It's a beautiful old ballroom with spanish design and wood floors - the ceiling is painted like the night sky! Awesome thing number three is that these tickets were FREE. Right??? Best date ever!! My brother saw that this girl posted she had two extra free tix on a website and got them for us! Yay!

I got so mad when Keane first started getting played on the radio. I guess for as much as I love music, I am selfish in the fact that I don't want to share it with others! I mean I do because I blog about it all the time, but you know what I mean. Radio kills songs. They get so overplayed! And I was a little worried Keane might not be as good live as they are recorded. Not true! They were even better live!

So here are a few faves from the two opening acts which were amazing....

First is The Helio Sequence. I cannot pin these guys down for crap. Sometimes they sound super 80s and sometimes this guy sounds all Bob Dylan. Either way they are soooooo great. We missed most of their songs, but here are a couple of my personal faves...

'The Captive Mind'


'Can't Say No'

Mat Keaney - such an amazing artist. This guy can write! He has a brand new album coming out next week 'City of Black and White.' Get it! Here are two songs from the new album...

'Lifeline' - such beautiful lyrics - played on the show 'Army Wives' already

'Closer to Love'

Here are a couple of older Mat songs I happen to love.....

'Breathe In Breathe Out'

'All I Need'

'Nothing Left to Lose'

And Keane. What a great live show they put on! The keyboard player stole the show several times. They have this old piano that goes everywhere with them which he played, but they had several other set ups as well. They played a perfect mix of songs from each of their three albums. I couldn't stand still!!! Here are a few stand outs from the night for me...

'Everybody's Changing' - this is my all time fave of theirs. Live in CA, but you get the idea of what we got to see last night!!


'Perfect Symmetry'

'Somewhere Only We Know' - someone is singing awful!!!!!

THEN since the show got done pretty early, we went out with my brother and his friend to a little bar called The Empty Bottle (on the west side of the city) to see a very cool local band called 'Hey Champ.' My brother is friends with the keyboard player Pete. They are super talented! Here is a little bit of what they're all about.... You can catch them at Lolla this year!!!

'Cold Dust Girl'

So it was an awesome night for music! We got to see four amazing bands and had loads of fun. My playlist is rocking all of my faves from the whole night, so take a listen and enjoy!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Music Alert!

New Music Alert!!!! If you're a Grey's Anatomy fan, you've already heard of 'The Rescues'. Gosh, they're amazing. Such beautiful lyrics and sound! And once again, be aware that I don't blog about artists unless the whole cd is good. This one is no exception. 'Crazy Ever After' is one to put on your list, people!!! I actually had to download most of the songs off the album because it's hard to find which is kind of a bummer.



The band is made up of Gabriel Mann, Kyler England and Adrianne, each from LA and an accomplished singer/songwriter of their own. They spent lots of time on their own stuff and each ended up singing on each other's projects. Then one of their buddies suggested they form a band and become quote "the next Fleetwood Mac." I don't know if you can really compare them to Fleetwood Mac, but I love the harmonic meshing of the male/female vocals on this album. They've got this indie/pop/folk thing going on and it just works! Here are some honorable mentions from 'Crazy Ever After.'

'Break Me Out'

'Matter Of Time' - written as a love song to time and its inevitable passing

'Crazy Ever After'

'California Rain'

'Lost Along The Way' - first song recorded together

'Lay It On Me'

So there you have it! I am hoping that as the popularity of this amazing band grows, the album will be more available to the public. For now, download the MP3s and enjoy. I don't think there's been a band like this to come around for quite awhile so I sure hope they keep putting more stuff out there. Thanks to an awesome show like Grey's, musicians like this get the attention they otherwise may not have had. Cheers!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The 90s Were So Cool - Week 3

Man, these Mondays just keep coming up too fast! Three more weeks of homeschooling for my kids and then we're on to a lighter load for summer. Can't believe it's the middle of May!

This week I chose the band 'Superdrag.' The song "Sucked Out" came out in 96 (what a great year for music!) off the album 'Regretfully Yours.' Remember the Buzz Bin on Mtv?? This video made regular appearances there! Ah, the 90s! This song is great because while it sounds super upbeat, the lyrics are depressing. If you're a big fan of 90s alternative, you should really get the album. The whole thing was really good and didn't get the attention it should have. Happy Monday!!!!!

"Sucked Out" by Superdrag

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Summer Peach Sangria

It's a bit early, but soon enough it will be warm enough to be sipping sangria on the patio. So I thought I'd post a very yummy recipe for a peach sangria. Very summery!!!


Summer Peach Sangria

1 (750 ml) bottle white wine
3/4 cup peach flavored vodka
2 oz Triple Sec (orange liquor)
6 tbsp frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
1 cup pineapple juice
1/4 cup white sugar
1 lb white peaches, pitted and sliced
oranges and limes, sliced

Put all ingredients in pitcher and mix well. Refridgerate overnight to allow flavors to blend. Serve over ice with sliced fruit!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The 90s Were So Cool - Week 2

Happy Monday, everyone! Today would be a great day to stay home from work. It is awesome outside!!! So here's week two of my fave 90s tunes. This week I'm going with 'The Eels - Novacaine For the Soul.'

This song came out in 1996 on the debut album for The Eels 'Beautiful Freak.' It's a great tune!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Picture Perfect

What a beautiful day!!! Man, it feels like forever since it was this nice outside. We spent most of today doing work outside in the yard, mowing our three foot tall grass and just soaking up the amazing sunshine (I hear Vitamin D can help prevent swine flu - ha ha). We cooked dinner on the grill, busted out the potato salad and strawberry shortcake and then had a fire in the fire pit. You can't have a fire without s'mores!!! And since the weather was so picture perfect I had to of course take some pictures of my kids enjoying their delicious s'mores.








And I managed to make it through turning 30 on Friday!! Our good friends Dan and Amanda watched the kids for us so we could enjoy a romantic dinner at Maggiano's. Yum!! While we were out they made me some birthday brownies!!!



Then on Saturday we headed to my home town to celebrate with my family. After we got home on Saturday night, my friend Kerry organized an evening of drinking and dancing at one of the clubs not too far from our place. Here is one of the "before" pictures from that!! Me and Amanda!!


By Sunday, I was definately feeling like I was 30! I can't party like I used to!! But it was a great weekend with friends and family and one I will definately remember. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and for making me feel so special on a day I was sort of dreading. Now that it's over, I am fine. 30, here I am!!!

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