Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Holy Crap, it's February?!

So I guess I took a little break from the world of blogging. Seriously, one minute it was Halloween and I turned around and it's almost Valentine's Day (check out my awesome playlist). How does that happen? We've been super busy around here with school, homework, jobs, dance, etc. And you know there's always a project (okay, three or four) going on. Here's what we've been up to around here:

Master Closet Reno - mostly done
Kid's Bathroom Reno - in progress
Stairway - DONE
Girl's Room - in progress
Guest Room/Second Family Room - in progress

We have crossed a lot of other things off the list!! Here are a few picture updates of what's mostly finished...

Master Closet Before:

Master Closet After:
We will have to find some more wall hooks, a mirror and some baskets or bins to hide some other stuff.... but it's so nice to have a place for everything! It is so much easier to keep organized. It's been several weeks and it's still not messy!!!

Half Bath "during"

Half Bath After:
It's super hard to get photos of this room since it's so small. But you get the idea!

Sink and mirror.... contemplating a little shelf for below the mirror.

Still need to get trim on the columns. I am thinking about changing the mirror out for a bigger one? Not sure yet!

TV Shelf DONE:
We finally have a shelf in this little spot next to the tv! We still need to come up with a solution for the cords and I need to get a basket or something to put movies in.

Stairs Waaaaaaay Before:
I can hardly remember when this used to be a half wall!!

Stairs After:
Black and white finally done right!!!

We've accomplished a lot over the past few months! We're still working on the kid's/guest bathroom upstairs. I will definately be posting about that whole process and probably about the closet reno too!! So stay tuned... I promise I'll be back soon!!


Nicole-Lynn said...

Everything looks great! What a difference the black on the stairs makes!

Thomas Watson said...

I think the black on the stairs and white on the risers look fantastic!

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