Friday, March 30, 2012

Sofa Musings

I've been wanting a new sofa for the family room for awhile. Here's a reminder of what we've got now...


We've had these two brown, leather monsters since 2005. They were six years old already when we bought them, so you could say they've had their day in the sun. I am so over them. Leather was a good choice at the time - it's durable and that's important when you've got kids. Which is probably why you'll think I'm crazy when I tell you that I'm head over heels for the idea of a white, slipcovered sofa. I love how bright and clean they look. But is it even possible to keep them clean? Don't worry, I asked myself that question and I did my homework. The answer is yes! There are tons of online reviews and blog posts about how much people *with kids* love their white, slipcovered couches. I mean, yes they're going to get dirty but you can wash them!! Here are a few of my white sofa inspiration photos....






Right now our budget is pretty tight, so we're looking at three different options - all of which are from Ikea. Here they are in no particular order:


I love the look of the Karlstad sofa, but the legs are a little cheesy looking so I'd definately want to change them. That's not such a big deal. The only thing I'm unsure of is if this boxier shape will work with our style? I did the matchy matchy thing for way too long, so I'm not trying to make everything "go". That's where a lot of rooms go wrong. But I do want it to make sense with our other pieces. If I had to give my design style a name, I guess I'd call it modern farmhouse. Not sure if the Karlstad is toooooooo modern?


The Hovas sofa has a nice, classic shape and looks really comfortable too. I love the tailored skirt and the big back pillows. I'm not sure about the way the arm rests are set back further than the edge of the seat cushions though. You couldn't really lay back on them at all. On the other hand, it would make the sofa less intrusive which is what we're having issues with now. Hmmm.


I think everyone knows someone who has one of these sofas. The Ektorp is pretty popular. I love it's rounded rounded shape and like the Hovas, it has the tailored skirt. I feel like it would compliment the furniture pieces we already have. But is it too safe? I want something different than what I'd normally choose. Ektorp is pretty much the same shape as our leather monsters except it's not brown. Sigh.

See how hard this is? I've never been great at making decisions, but picking out a sofa is really hard. It's right up there with buying a car and getting married. Okay, maybe not as big of a deal as getting married but pretty close. You have your sofa for a quite awhile so you want to get the right one. I do know that right now I just want one sofa for the long wall. I can't decide if I'm going to get a big chair for in front of the window, two smaller non matching chairs or if I want to get a non matching loveseat. We'll worry about that after I figure the sofa thing out. At this point it might be never!

What do you think? Help a girl out! Which sofa gets your vote and why?


Simply Kelly Blog said...

Hi Molly-- I just found your blog through Pinterest. I recently was looking at sofas from IKEA-- out of all of them, I found the KIVIK to be most comfy. It's pretty awesome because you can add on more seating or a chaise down the road. Good luck!

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Michelle Smith said...

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Brian said...


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Anonymous said...

The Hovas sofa is definitely my favorite sofa. The classic white color with the tailored skirt could easily be a main statement piece on its own. The puffy back pillows and large sitting area would make for a nice relaxing time if you chose to curl up with a good book. Good luck with the sofa hunt.

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Ashok Kumar Narava said...

Hi Molly,

I bought new Hovas sofa from IKEA later i realized that it don't have Sofa slip cover. Please let me know where i can find the slip cover.



Helen Keyes said...

I have a strong feeling that you would enjoy sitting with Ektorp. Its shape will compliment anywhere you put it.

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