Thursday, September 8, 2011

Abby's Room

I have been waiting to post photos of the kids' rooms because they're not really done yet. They still need quarter round for crying out loud! I'm constantly changing and adding to rooms anyways, so I figured why not post a few!! I have plans for these rooms as far as how to make them more efficient - think storage. But anywho, here is Abby's room. Her room actually used to be Ethan's room. We switched them around last summer because it made more sense this way.

Bad picture quality! When you enter her room, this is what you see... usually with more toys on the floor, but I just cleaned! :) I'm planning on adding a band of material to the bottom of the curtain panels that coordinates with her bedding. And we still need to hang some more things on the wall.


Her bedding is from Target and the headboard is actually from Walmart online. We got such a great deal on everything!! The entire room was themed around the stuffed monkey you see on her bed. The very talented Sarah Mock aka Odd Dotty made Molly Monkey for her birthday and she adores it. I am thinking of ditching the little bookshelf in between the windows and doing white, floor to ceiling built ins on either side of her bed. Maybe like this?
You know how much I heart construction. :)

Her dresser which is about to be painted white. She has her own bulletin board for photos and drawings. Notice the disco ball. ;) Dance parties happen in here quite often!!

The incredible wall of closets. Sooooooooooo not sure what needs to happen to make this better looking. I've thought long and hard about opening them up OR taking the doors off and putting curtains up instead. I thought about painting them a differnt color?? I don't know what to do. Abby's clothes, etc are in the closet on the right. Kevin's entire drum set is in the closet on the left. Dilema.

So that's my little tour of Abby's room!! Have you made any changes to your kids' rooms lately? How do you cope with storage/closet issues without making the room look too cluttered? I'm open for any and all suggestions! I need all the help I can get!!


Emily said...

LOVE the color combo and the fun bedspread! I already said this on YHL's facebook page, but I think you should do curtains- you could do another super fun print, and you could close them to hide the drum set and clothes if you wanted. Another option could be adding mirrors to make the room seem bigger?
Good luck!!

Kendra & Tobin Kirk said...

Have you figured out what to do with the closet doors yet? You can paint them the same color as the wall so they don't stand out, mirror the doors to make the room look bigger, paint them with chalkboard paint, cover them with fabric, hang curtains and take the doors out(floor to ceiling), make a barn style door and hang on a track above, paint a mural on them (kind of like this-but obviously a different theme- hang a curtain of ribbons-lots of ribbons....

Nicole-Lynn said...

What a cute little girls room! I LOVE the idea of the built in's on the sides of the bed!

I saw this closet door idea on Pinterest and loved it! I may do it to our closet doors...

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